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Home for Good

After the death of his wife, aging yet well-known writer Jeff Williams fell into a serious bout of writer’s block. To help her friend and neighbor, Alice suggests to Jeff to go and see a psychiatrist to help him fix his writer’s block, and hopefully recover from the shock of his wife’s passing.

Dr. Joan Steele first tried conventional methods to help Jeff. But nothing seems to work on him, so she tried to be a bit unconventional to break this man’s grief. Both had not foreseen, though, that with use of the unorthodox treatment, they slowly, carefully move past turmoil and fall into love.

Table of Hearts

Table of Hearts is the story of a family’s saga, and their traditional values, as they move through the generations. It encompasses a love story, the Viet Nam war, and the family’s stock brokerage in Sonoma, California.

Following in the footsteps of those before him, Wallis Goginski has put the knowledge of his father and his grandfather to work for him and made the firm one of the most lucrative in history. However, although the generations of learning and trading have been good for the firm, are they everything Wallis wants out of life?

Or could the “good things” in life and the love of a woman mean even more?


New book coming in Winter 2016-2017 “Phoenix Crusaders”

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