Table of Hearts

Table of Hearts is the story of a family’s saga, and their traditional values as they move through the generations. It encompasses a love story, the Vietnam War, and the family's stock brokerage in Sonoma, California.

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A Peck Isn’t Just A Peck

 Summer was coming to an end for Peewee Nash. With Labor Day weekend starting today, his baseball buddies would have only one last weekend to play their game. As Peewee walked down the street for the final weekend rendezvous to the baseball diamond, his team came out...

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Bullies are Not Just Humans

 A bark sounded from Jackie the Yorkie, giving attention the school bus was coming. His buddies, Bobby, the Shih Tzu and Hustler, a Russel Terrier, were quick to respond with their barks as well, creating a real annoyance to the neighborhood. When the bus got near the...

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