Table of Hearts

Table of Hearts is the story of a family’s saga, and

their traditional values as they move through the

generations. It encompasses a love story, the

Vietnam War, and the family's stock brokerage in

Sonoma, California.


My Journey as an Author

THE YEAR 1950   My first written words at 8 years old “Readers Digest”. Rejected for not having enough words. My mother as still proud. Years 1951 to 1956 the next years of grammar school left me with more rejections which gave me no hope to be a writer. Year...

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Forword for the book, “I am the Kings helper”

Who Was Charlie Bendix?     A chance of thundershowers gave many golfers a change of plans. The driving range at Florence, South Carolina was projected to be in the path of the storm coming up from Savannah, Georgia. For Charlie, it meant nothing to him.  He was going...

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