Table of Hearts

Book Summary

Following in the footsteps of those before him,

Wallis Goginski has put the knowledge of his

father and his grandfather to work for him and

made the firm one of the most lucrative in

history. However, although the generations of

learning and trading have been good for the

firm, are they everything Wallis wants out of

life? Or could the "good things" in life and the

love of a woman mean even more?

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Other Book:

Jeff Williams is an aging, well-known writer who recently lost his beloved wife to cancer. Marilyn was his everything. Both writers, they fit together like puzzle pieces, and without her, he’s not sure how to hang on. He has some help from his neighbor and close friend, Alice, but nothing can fill the gaping hole left behind by the loss of his spouse.

While working on a manuscript about the joys of his marriage, Jeff falls into a serious bout of writer’s block. He knows it’s due to the loss of Marilyn, and he barely cares, hurling his typewriter from the window. That’s when Alice steps in and suggests a therapist, Dr. Joan Steele. Joan will help fix Jeff’s writer’s block–and hopefully more

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